Updates for End of Season: IMPORTANT
9/30/2019 11:00 AM
October 2 Wednesday is the LAST JV Practice; I hope everyone can make it.

October  3 Thursday     University HOME Match   3:00 practice Match at 4:00  All Players 

OCTOBER 4 AND 5       
Friday and Saturday: Longmont Tournament for VARSITY ONLY. 8:30 both days 7:30 Warm-Up
                                  No JV Practice

October  7   Monday        Varsity Practice
October  8   Tuesday        HOME MAKE-UP MATCH Prospect Ridge: All Players
October  9   Wednesday   Varsity Practice
October 10  Thursday      Regional Tournament:  Longmont Rec Center Courts
October 11  Friday          Regional Tournament    Longmont Rec Center Courts
October 12  Saturday      Regional Tournament    Longmont Rec Center Courts RAIN DATE
October 17-19                State Tournament: Details to Follow

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